kohnan shoji
Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name kohnan shoji Co., Ltd.
Address Corporate Headquarters :
2-2-17 Nishimiyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka, 532-0004 Japan
Registered Head Office :
4-401-1 Otorihigashi-machi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-City, Osaka, 593-8324, Japan
Tel 81-6-6397-1621
Establishment September, 1978
Capital 17.658 billion ( as of February, 2023)
Annual Sales 439.02 billion ( as of February, 2023)
Employees Full Time/4,429 Part Time/10,659(as of February, 2023)
Stock Exchange Listed on the Prime of the Tokyo Stock (Code: 7516)
Business Home center business, retail business and wholesale membership club (deal in building/construction material) for professional customers


Business Year (From March 1 to February 28)

1978 KOHNAN SHOJI Co., Ltd. established.
Opened our flagship shop, “Senboku” in Sakai City, the pioneer of Home Center in the Kinki district.
1986 Joined Japan DIY Industry Association
1996 Listed on the 2nd Section of Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd.
Began direct buying from overseas
Opened the 1st Home Stock shop in Awaji city, Hyogo prefecture
Home Stock smaller-sized Home Center targeting the local markets where the population is around 10,000 We currently operate 48 of these shops in Japan (as of February ,2021)
Opened the 1st “KOHNAN PRO” shop adjacent to Home Center “Higashi Yodogawa Sugawara” at the same location. KOHNAN PRO
new type of store whose target is the professional customers in the building/construction/electric construction/equipment installation industries.
We currently operate 49 of these shops in Japan (as of February ,2021)
Listed on the 1st section of Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd.
2001 Listed on the 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Co., Ltd.
2003 Opened our shops in the Kanto District (“Hodogaya Hoshikawa” and “Honhaneda Haginaka”)
Launched the online shopping site, “KOHNAN e-shop”
2008 Opened our PRO shops in the Tokai District (“PRO Atsuta Yonbancho” and “PRO Ichinomiya”)
2011 Opened our 1st shop in the Tohoku District ( “PRO Sendai Higashi Inter”)
2012 Opened our 1st PRO shop in the Kanto District (“PRO Kohoku Inter”)
2013 Opened our 1st Home Center in the Tohoku District (“Asuto Nagamachi”)
Naotaro Hikida became president and representative director of our company.
2014 Achieved a store network of 300 shops.
2015 Established a medium-term management plan “We Love KOHNAN 2017” Started to carry out twin-turbo strategies
Started Tax-Free Service (“Harbor Land”)
2016 Opened our shop in Chinese EC site “Tmall Global”
Opened our first overseas store in Vietnam (KOHNAN VIETNAM Binh Tan store)
Launched the online shopping site for building professionals “SHOKUNIN RAKUZA KOHNAN PRO e-shop”
2017 BEAVERTOZAN Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary.
Started the service of “KOHNAN Corporate Card” for corporate clients
2018 40th Anniversary
Established the second medium-term management plan “We Love KOHNAN so much !!” Started to carry out “Step on Accelerator” strategy
Entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with “HOME IMPROVEMENT HIROSE Co., Ltd.”
2019 Started the “KOHNAN Pay” service
Introduced the “Rakuten Point Card” service
Established the long-term vision “New Stage 2025”
KEN DEPOT CORPORATION became a wholly owned subsidiary
Started the operation of “Kawasaki Bay Logistics Center” in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Took over Home Center business and Home Renovation business of DOIT Co., Ltd.
2020 Head Office relocated to Shin-Osaka
Started the operation of “Okayama Logistics Center” in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture Opened the first CAMP DEPOT store
2021 Established the Medium-Term Management Plan Part III “We love KOHNAN!!” – just fit for you, now and always.
Reached a milestone of 500 stores as KOHNAN Group
Established a subsidiary in the Kingdom of Cambodia
2022Shift to the new market category, Prime, on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section